What Is A “Nap Of The Day?”

When it comes to horse racing and betting, there is a lot to learn but when you take the time to learn, you will soon find that horse racing becomes much more exciting. There are many different types of bets to think about as well as the different tracks and surfaces, not forgetting the different betting terms that you have to familiarise yourself with.

In fact, it can seem like a completely new world and a whole new language once you begin hearing of these terms. What’s more, it can seem daunting should you consider moving into the world of horse racing betting. One term that you might hear is the term NAP but what does it mean?

What Does NAP Mean?

Essentially, the term is short for Napoleon and its origins come from the card game that carries the same name. The game, which comes from France, involves a player shouting “Napoleon” when they think that they have won. So, how does it work in horse racing?

Tipsters will use it in horse racing as a way of indicating the top tip of the day. Therefore, punters will be able to see which horse is likely to be a good bet that is likely to pay out.

However, every tipster will have their own opinions on what they think might be a Napoleon and so, they will all differ. As a result, the NAP will be determined by the knowledge of the tipster but also their understanding. So, what you need to take from this is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is always the favourite to win and the odds that are given will reflect this.

What this means is that it is simply the horse that the tipster thinks will be worth a bet. However, every punter will need to make their own decision on where they should place their bet but taking a look at the NAP is not a bad place to begin.

Is a NAP a Reliable Bet?

In horse racing, there is no such thing as a reliable bet because so many things can happen to your horse before and during the race. However, in order to determine how valid the NAP is, it is always worth looking at the tipster that offered their suggestion.

Therefore, it can help to learn about who they are and what sort of experience they have and what they know about horse racing. This will enable you to determine whether they are recognised and trusted and whether it is worth listening to their advice. Additionally, you could also look at their previous NAPs to see what they said and where the horse actually finished.

It is common for punters to have their favourite tipster, especially if they have a good amount of knowledge about the sport. However, it is important to remember that you need to take control of what you can spend when it comes to betting because the NAP will not guarantee a win.

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A nap in horse racing is a selection someone has made that they think is the best bet of the race or day. 

Yes, the term Nap can be applied to any sports betting. It is just most commonly used in horse racing betting. 

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