Daily Racing Form App Review

Daily Racing Form App Review

DRF app on iPhone and Android

Anyone familiar with Daily Racing Form app will appreciate that there is a fair amount of pedigree behind this app, which is available on both Android and Apple devices.

Daily Racing Form has been at the heart of the US horse racing world for 120 years and it continues to lead the pack with innovation today. Whether you want the latest odds or access to some of the finest tipsters around, the Daily Racing Form app is a sure-fire winner.

Daily Racing Form app review

Let’s be clear from the start about the Daily Racing Form app – it’s an American product and it’s very much geared towards the US market. So don’t expect results from the 3:20 at Lingfield, the latest odds on The Derby or directions to the stands for Ladies Day at Ascot. What you’ll get instead is all the information on what’s happening across the pond, with results, news, racecards, live odds from Saratoga, Del Mar, Gulfstream and more. If the Kentucky Derby is more your idea of racing than the Grand National, then this is the app for you.

So, to the app itself, and first of all the reviews on the Google Play and iTunes stores. Punters and professionals rate this app highly, with it scoring above four out of five stars on both platforms.

Wagering your bets on the DRF appThe look is simple, even puritan, with a white background and only as much info as you would need on each page. It’s not a bright, colourful screen that pops up, but this is all to the good really as it’s actually super easy to use and navigate around as a result. It takes up about six megabytes on Android but is a bit juicier on the iPhone with ten megabytes of free space needed to get it up and running.

The app is all about providing you with vital stats without too many frills. The Entries section is great. Once a race card is drawn it will instantly show up here. Real-time results are streamed directly to the app so you can keep up to date on payouts from across the US.

Live Odds is also useful as it gives users access to the tote in real-time for any race at any track. This even includes visibility into the WPS pools and Exacta-Daily Double Probables so you can get the best price wherever you are.

One element that’s particularly good is DRF Live, where you can find handicappers and reporters providing insights into the tote board, observations of the paddock and exotic betting suggestions all in real-time as the MTP heads towards zero.

Race Analysis at the major tracks is now taken directly from the DRF print issue, so you’re not getting an abridged version. Another new function that came with the latest update is Best Bet for every track so you see what the top choice is from the publication’s handicappers. There’s also now a Race Chart for every race. The Closer Looks section is another feature we really liked as it gives a great pre-race breakdown for each runner.

It’s hard to beat the Daily Racing Form app if you’re interested in the US horse racing market. With such a user-friendly version available on both Android and iOS we think it’s well worth the effort to download.

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