The Racing App Review

The Racing App

Key Features Of The Racing App

Best for

Gathering a wide variety of information to aid in making a more informed choice on horse racing bets.​

Racing related

Detailed race cards, odds movement trackers, value comparisons and a handy betfinder tool.

App Details

Available from the UK versions of the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

The Racing App underwent quite a big overhaul. Adding new features to the app justifies why it is becoming known as the betting and racing app for the next generation. Seriously, if you haven’t tried this app out for yourself you need to, I guarantee you’re in for a treat.

This app was developed by former employees of the Racing Post, and we have all heard of them. The Racing Post has been an authority in horse racing for a number of years now, so you can be sure that the people who are behind the Racing App know what they are doing.

This mobile application is jam-packed with features and tools to help you on your way to beating the bookmakers, we are going to share with you what’s new with The Racing App.

A Dedicated Betting Tool

The Racing app used to have betting facilities attached to it that was connected to the online bookmaker Coral.

However, this service seemed to cause a lot of bug issues and made for an overall clunky experience. Therefore the developers made the wise choice to scrap the betting service to focus completely on the stats, results and tipping side to horse racing.

Now the Racing app is a betting tool or a betting companion, rather than an actual betting function. This has made for a much more richer and smoother experience.

Getting Started With The Racing App

The Racing app has 4 days worth of racing to choose from. The previous day is available for tracking results, as well as today, tomorrow and the day after.

Selecting a day will open up the corresponding hub, opening up seven areas to explore:

  • Races – Where you will find race cards for each race that day, along with three types of recommended bets (banker, value bet and each way pick)
  • Naps – The favourite picks from a wide range of tipsters.
  • Bet Finder – A clever tool with lots of filters to help find winners.
  • Trainers – List of trainers and which horses they have running on that day.
  • Eyecatchers – Horses that have impressed in recent previous races.
  • Movers – A list of horses that have seen a significant change in price since the market opened.
  • Settings – Turn on notifications and racecard customisation.

Racecards On The Racing App

The Racecards and the information that sits behind them is the main reason why we use this app on a daily basis.

To start the recent updates to the interface has enhanced the experience no end. The visual graphics makes the jockey silks stand out, while the information still remains clear and easy to digest.

Each horse that appears on a racecard can be tapped on to reveal more information. Off the bat, users can see the horse name, odds, trainer, weight and star rating. However, when tapped on a drop down box will reveal a quick synopsis, rating, jockey rating, trainer rating, distance indicators, going indicators and form.

Accompanying each racecard are seven different tabs offering even more information on the race in question.

1 – Tips

From this tab users are able to see which horses are being tipped by the tipsters belonging to a wide range of UK newspaper tipsters. A circular chart shows clearly which horses have been tipped out and are largely fancied by those who know their stuff.

Racing app tips

2 – Form

The form section provides a detailed picture on how each horse performed in their previous races. There’s so much information here, that users from a mobile device are forced to view in landscape mode. This is where the ratings are created. Individual ratings are provided on

  • Form
  • Potential
  • Jumping
  • Trainer
  • Jockey
  • Going
  • Distance
  • Market

A weighting is provided against each to come up with an overall rating score. If any of the weightings are disagreed with by the user, then the user has the freedom to modify each weighting element. The overall rating will then automatically update accordingly.

form guides

3 – Trading

The trading tab displays a fancy graph at the top of the race card to represent the horses with the top % win chance.

This is calculated by monitoring the activity on the Betdaq Exchange from the previous six hours worth of trading.

Trading trends

4 – Predictor

The racing predictor displays an animated prediction of the race, based on how each horse has ran previous.

The race plays out with justifications popping up detailing why certain horses are predicted to be in the position that they hold at that moment in time.

At the end of the predicted race, a summary of the top 3 predicted positions will appear, followed by key stats for the race in question.

Racing app race predictions

5 – Stat

The Stat tab simply provides a key stat that could influence a user’s decision on which horse may win.

Stats include:

  • Trainers who have consistent success at the course being raced.
  • Trainers and jockeys who have shown to have a good connection.
  • Horses that have performed well previous at the course, or run well on the predicted going, or have previous wins at this distance.

Racing app stats

6 – Compute

The compute section is where users can view and modify the factors that dictate the Racing app’s form guide system, to establish a true price in the betting markets.

This true price can then be compared with the actual odds being offered to determine where the value lies, based on the weighting provided against each form factor.

This is another tab that requires mobile users to head in to landscape mode.

compute section

7 – Paddock

The Paddock tab provides an animated visual of a virtual paddock with the camera panning on each horse in turn.

Each horse in the race is represented, with the jockey wearing the correct silks. A small summary also shows against each horse on how they have performed in their last races, along with the star rating and how many newspapers have tipped that particular horse to win.

Paddock section


The Racing app is packed full of useful information that can quickly provide users with the stats they need to get an overall picture of the elements that can affect the way a race can turn out.

It is also a good tool to review the previous day’s races and to view how other people are trading on the betting markets.

The layout is a little clunky and isn’t the most user friendly when it comes to navigating round for the first time. However once accustomed to it, the process of extracting out the information required becomes much easier.

Overall we are a big fan of the app, especially since it has become a focused betting tool, rather than a hybrid between a tool and a betting service. Well worth checking out, in our opinion.