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Tony Batchelor

NAPDoncaster14:15Fort Worth5 PTS 3/1 Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
NBCheltenham13:30Out Sam3 PTS 13/2 Paddy Power: Bet £10, get £30Claim here ▸
IWACCheltenham14:40Valhalla2 PTS 8/1 Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £270.00 if they come in.


NAPBangor-on-Dee15:35Kildisart5 PTS 13/8 Betfred: Bet £10 get £30 freeClaim here ▸
NBCheltenham15:45Midnight Maestro3 PTS 5/1 Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
IWACCheltenham13:30Southfield Theatre2 PTS 5/1 Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £94.68 if they come in.


NAPDoncaster12:30Desaray5 PTS 11/10 William Hill: Bet £10, get £20Claim here ▸
NBNewcastle18:50Eternalist3 PTS 15/8 Sky Bet: Bet £5, get £20Claim here ▸
IWACNewcastle17:20Jacquotte Delahaye2 PTS 13/2 William Hill: Bet £10, get £20Claim here ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £45.36 if they come in.

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All today's live tips in running order

All today's live tips (in running order - soonest first)

Current time: 01:57 | Next horse to run:
BOBSKIother17:55Qaffaal (chelmsford)IWAC 11/2Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
samcrowGreat Leighs17:55SuperstaNB 9/2Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
taglagtipsGreat Leighs17:55CHEVALLIERNB 9/2Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
haytons tipsother17:55Chester streetNAP 9/2Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
BOBSKIDoncaster12:30DesarayNAP 11/10William Hill: Bet £10, get £20Claim here ▸
Tony BatchelorCheltenham13:30Out SamNB 13/2Paddy Power: Bet £10, get £30Claim here ▸
enigmahorsenapsCheltenham13:30Southfield TheatreIWAC 5/1Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
Tony BatchelorDoncaster14:15Fort WorthNAP 3/1Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
Tony BatchelorCheltenham14:40ValhallaIWAC 8/1Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
enigmahorsenapsBangor-on-Dee15:35KildisartNAP 13/8Betfred: Bet £10 get £30 freeClaim here ▸
enigmahorsenapsCheltenham15:45Midnight MaestroNB 5/1Bet 365: Up to £200 deposit bonusClaim here ▸
BOBSKINewcastle17:20Jacquotte DelahayeIWAC 13/2William Hill: Bet £10, get £20Claim here ▸
BOBSKINewcastle18:50EternalistNB 15/8Sky Bet: Bet £5, get £20Claim here ▸
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All live tips (in the order the tips came in - most recent first)

Fri, Dec 9enigmahorsenapsCheltenham15:45Midnight MaestroNB 5/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Dec 9enigmahorsenapsCheltenham13:30Southfield TheatreIWAC 5/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Dec 9enigmahorsenapsBangor-on-Dee15:35KildisartNAP 13/8BetfredBet ▸
Fri, Dec 9Tony BatchelorCheltenham14:40ValhallaIWAC 8/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Dec 9Tony BatchelorCheltenham13:30Out SamNB 13/2Paddy PowerBet ▸
Fri, Dec 9Tony BatchelorDoncaster14:15Fort WorthNAP 3/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Dec 9BOBSKINewcastle17:20Jacquotte DelahayeIWAC 13/2William HillBet ▸
Fri, Dec 9BOBSKINewcastle18:50EternalistNB 15/8Sky BetBet ▸
Fri, Dec 9BOBSKIDoncaster12:30DesarayNAP 11/10William HillBet ▸
Thu, Dec 8taglagtipsGreat Leighs17:55CHEVALLIERNB 9/2Bet 365Bet ▸

Last 20 Runners

Thu, Dec 8BOBSKIother19:25With Pleasure (chelmsford)NAP / 3/1No win
Thu, Dec 8BOBSKIother18:25Zipedeedodah (chelmsford)NB / 4/1No win
Thu, Dec 8samcrowGreat Leighs18:25Come On DaveIWAC / 6/1No win
Thu, Dec 8RacingAppsother18:25WANEEN (Chelmsford)IWAC / 14/1No win
Thu, Dec 8haytons tipsother18:25ZipedeedodahNB / 5/1No win
Thu, Dec 8BOBSKIother17:55Qaffaal (chelmsford)IWAC / 11/2Placed
Thu, Dec 8samcrowGreat Leighs17:55SuperstaNB / 9/2No win
Thu, Dec 8haytons tipsother17:55Chester streetNAP / 9/2Won
Thu, Dec 8enigmahorsenapsWarwick15:35An SilteanNAP / 7/2No win
Thu, Dec 8haytons tipsNewcastle14:50CaralineIWAC / 10/1No win
Thu, Dec 8Tony BatchelorTaunton14:40Winning SparkNAP / 7/2Won
Thu, Dec 8samcrowWarwick14:30Celtic TuneNAP / 14/1No win
Thu, Dec 8RacingAppsNewcastle14:20MITCDNB / 4/1No win
Thu, Dec 8Tony BatchelorWarwick13:55Fight CommanderIWAC / 9/1No win
Thu, Dec 8enigmahorsenapsWarwick13:20Briery BelleNB / 10/3Won
Thu, Dec 8Tony BatchelorWarwick13:20The OrganistNB / 6/1No win
Thu, Dec 8enigmahorsenapsWarwick12:50Dingo DollarIWAC / 15/2No win
Thu, Dec 8taglagtipsNewcastle12:40WAITING PATIENTLYNAP / 11/8won
Thu, Dec 8RacingAppsNewcastle12:40WAITING PATIENTLYNAP / 10/11Won
Thu, Dec 8TunezmadTaunton12:30Culm CounsellorIWAC / 10/1No win

Last 20 Winners

Thu, Dec 8haytons tipsother17:55Chester street9/2£55.00
Thu, Dec 8Tony BatchelorTaunton14:40Winning Spark7/2£45.00
Thu, Dec 8enigmahorsenapsWarwick13:20Briery Belle10/3£43.33
Thu, Dec 8RacingAppsNewcastle12:40WAITING PATIENTLY10/11£19.09
Thu, Dec 8taglagtipsNewcastle12:40WAITING PATIENTLY11/8£23.75
Wed, Dec 7taglagtipsKempton Park18:45Towerlands Park9/2£55.00
Wed, Dec 7RacingAppsDundalk17:30Landikusic10/3£43.33
Wed, Dec 7enigmahorsenapsHexham13:45Lastbutnotleast5/2£35.00
Wed, Dec 7Tony BatchelorLeicester13:25Ten Sixty3/1£40.00
Wed, Dec 7TunezmadHexham12:45Clan Legend5/2£35.00
Wed, Dec 7samcrowLingfield Park12:5Forceful Appeal5/1£60.00
Tue, Dec 6enigmahorsenapsUttoxeter15:30Neon Wolf10/3£43.33
Tue, Dec 6TunezmadUttoxeter15:00Return Flight2/1£30.00
Tue, Dec 6samcrowSouthwell14:20Anton Chigurh9/2£55.00
Tue, Dec 6BOBSKISouthwell13:20High Command5/6£18.33
Tue, Dec 6RacingAppsSouthwell13:20High Command5/6£18.33
Mon, Dec 5samcrowLingfield Park15:30Desert Strike3/1£40.00
Mon, Dec 5enigmahorsenapsAyr14:50Marlee Massie7/2£45.00
Mon, Dec 5handyandys_tipsAyr14:50Marlee massie 11/2£65.00
Sun, Dec 4samcrowKelso15:20Bako De La Saulaie [Betway]7/1£80.00

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Current Tipster table

1enigmahorsenaps1307W L W L L W L - - - 45.48
2Tony Batchelor2295L L L W W L L - - - 37.50
3samcrow1194L L L W W L L L L L 19.50
4chatovburley1110L W W W L L L L P L 0.00
5haytons tips243L L L L L L L W L L -7.70
6TagLagTips213L L L P L W L L L - -8.30
7midlandracingg30- - - -10.00
8RacingApps1245L W L L L W L L L W -19.56
9Tunezmad222- W L L L W L - L - -37.50
10handyandys_tips2241L - - - - - P - - - -47.70
11BOBSKI212W L L L L L P - - - -49.15

= Tipster of the month Titles | W = Win X = No Win 0 = Not yet logged | Scores correct as of Dec 9, 2016 @ 1:57 am

Guest table

1AP_Tips50- - - - - -18.00
Todays horse racing tips come from Twitters finest tipsters who provide us with 3 tips every day in the following format - NAP - Their best bet of the day - NB - Their next best bet of the day - IWAC - (in with a chance) a horse at at least 5/1 that looks a good each way or outsider bet. Tips are posted from 5pm the day before giving you a chance to get on in the evening at the early prices. By the time the races start we usually have a full house of over 50 racing tips completely free of charge.

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