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NAPGreat Yarmouth15:20RUWASI5 PTS 8/1 BetfairBet ▸
NBNewmarket17:45SEVERUS3 PTS 11/2 Sky BetBet ▸
IWACNewmarket21:00INDIAN TINKER2 PTS 5/1 Bet VictorBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £351.00 if they come in.


NAPGreat Yarmouth17:35Archimedes5 PTS 6/1 Stan James

No win

NBDoncaster17:20Undertow3 PTS 11/1 Bet 365

No win

IWACGreat Yarmouth17:00Ted's Brother2 PTS 8/1 Ladbrokes

No win

£1 on the 3 above will return £756.00 if they come in.


NAPNewcastle19:15West Coast Flyer5 PTS 5/4 Bet 365


NBNewmarket19:25Regal Monarch3 PTS 9/4 Bet 365


IWACCurragh20:00Alishan2 PTS 5/1 Betfair
£1 on the 3 above will return £43.88 if they come in.

Tony Batchelor

NAPChester19:35Sightline5 PTS 9/4 Stan James


NBGreat Yarmouth15:55Easy Tiger3 PTS 10/3 Bet Victor

No win

IWACChester20:40Fullon Clarets2 PTS 12/1 Bet 365

No win

£1 on the 3 above will return £182.94 if they come in.


NAPDoncaster15:45Hornsby5 PTS 3/1 Coral


NBNewmarket19:25Regal monarch 3 PTS 7/4 Bet 365


IWACChester20:40Gabriel the Tiger2 PTS 5/1 Bet 365


TREBLE - £1 on the above three would have won you £66.00!


NAPCartmel16:40DEXCITE 5 PTS 4/1 Betfair

No win

NBCurragh19:30DAWN MISSILE 3 PTS 9/2 Bet 365

No win

IWACNewmarket18:55MYWAYISTHEONLYWAY2 PTS 12/1 Betfair

No win

£1 on the 3 above will return £357.50 if they come in.


NAPDoncaster16:50Dew Pond5 PTS 11/4 Coral

No win

NBGreat Yarmouth16:30Knight Owl3 PTS 5/2 Sky Bet

No win

IWACNewcastle19:45Tears Of The Sun2 PTS 8/1 Paddy Power

No win

£1 on the 3 above will return £118.13 if they come in.


NAPNewcastle18:45Bowson Fred5 PTS 7/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBNewcastle19:45Tears Of The Sun3 PTS 12/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
IWACNewcastle20:50Misu Mic2 PTS 14/1 Sky BetBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £1560.00 if they come in.


NAPNewcastle19:45Nezwaah5 PTS 10/3 William HillBet ▸
NBGreat Yarmouth16:30Light And Shade3 PTS 4/1 Betfair


IWACNewcastle18:10Count Montecristo2 PTS 5/1 Paddy PowerBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £129.90 if they come in.


NAPDoncaster15:10aberlady5 PTS 5/2 BetfredBet ▸
NBDoncaster15:45storm rising3 PTS 7/1 Stan JamesBet ▸
IWACCartmel14:00for yes2 PTS 25/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £728.00 if they come in.

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Sat, Jun 25chatovburleyNewmarket15:55CODE RED IWAC 25/1BetfairBet ▸
Sat, Jun 25chatovburleyWindsor16:55UP TO YOU NB 13/2BetfairBet ▸
Sat, Jun 25BOBSKINewmarket14:45BateelNAP 11/10Bet 365Bet ▸
Sat, Jun 25BOBSKIWindsor16:20GabrialIWAC 5/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Sat, Jun 25BOBSKILingfield Park18:40Nassuvian PearlNB 11/4Paddy PowerBet ▸
Sat, Jun 25chatovburleyNewcastle13:55CHAMPION HARBOUR NAP 16/1BetfairBet ▸
Fri, Jun 24handyandys_tipsDoncaster15:45storm risingNB 7/1Stan JamesBet ▸
Fri, Jun 24TunezmadNewcastle20:50Misu MicIWAC 14/1Sky BetBet ▸
Fri, Jun 24TunezmadNewcastle19:45Tears Of The SunNB 12/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Jun 24TunezmadNewcastle18:45Bowson FredNAP 7/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Jun 24enigmahorsenapsNewcastle19:45NezwaahNAP 10/3William HillBet ▸
Fri, Jun 24RacingTipsterNewmarket17:45SEVERUSNB 11/2Sky BetBet ▸

Last 20 Runners

Fri, Jun 24Tony BatchelorChester20:40Fullon ClaretsIWAC / 12/1No win
Fri, Jun 24Brock_10Chester20:40Gabriel the TigerIWAC / 5/1Won
Fri, Jun 24BOBSKICurragh20:00AlishanIWAC / 5/1Placed
Fri, Jun 24SimplyHorseTipsNewcastle19:45Tears Of The SunIWAC / 8/1No win
Fri, Jun 24Tony BatchelorChester19:35SightlineNAP / 9/4Won
Fri, Jun 24chatovburleyCurragh19:30DAWN MISSILE NB / 9/2No win
Fri, Jun 24BOBSKINewmarket19:25Regal MonarchNB / 9/4Won
Fri, Jun 24Brock_10Newmarket19:25Regal monarch NB / 7/4Won
Fri, Jun 24BOBSKINewcastle19:15West Coast FlyerNAP / 5/4Won
Fri, Jun 24chatovburleyNewmarket18:55MYWAYISTHEONLYWAYIWAC / 12/1No win
Fri, Jun 24samcrowGreat Yarmouth17:35ArchimedesNAP / 6/1No win
Fri, Jun 24samcrowDoncaster17:20UndertowNB / 11/1No win
Fri, Jun 24samcrowGreat Yarmouth17:00Ted's BrotherIWAC / 8/1No win
Fri, Jun 24SimplyHorseTipsDoncaster16:50Dew PondNAP / 11/4No win
Fri, Jun 24chatovburleyCartmel16:40DEXCITE NAP / 4/1No win
Fri, Jun 24SimplyHorseTipsGreat Yarmouth16:30Knight OwlNB / 5/2No win
Fri, Jun 24enigmahorsenapsGreat Yarmouth16:30Light And ShadeNB / 4/1Won
Fri, Jun 24Tony BatchelorGreat Yarmouth15:55Easy TigerNB / 10/3No win
Fri, Jun 24Brock_10Doncaster15:45HornsbyNAP / 3/1Won
Thu, Jun 23SimplyHorseTipsHamilton Park21:10Royal ConnoisseurNB / 11/4No win

Last 20 Winners

Fri, Jun 24Brock_10Chester20:40Gabriel the Tiger5/1£60.00
Fri, Jun 24Tony BatchelorChester19:35Sightline9/4£32.50
Fri, Jun 24BOBSKINewmarket19:25Regal Monarch9/4£32.50
Fri, Jun 24Brock_10Newmarket19:25Regal monarch 7/4£27.50
Fri, Jun 24BOBSKINewcastle19:15West Coast Flyer5/4£22.50
Fri, Jun 24enigmahorsenapsGreat Yarmouth16:30Light And Shade4/1£50.00
Fri, Jun 24Brock_10Doncaster15:45Hornsby3/1£40.00
Thu, Jun 23BOBSKINewmarket16:45Silent Attack13/8£26.25
Thu, Jun 23RacingTipsterNewcastle16:35MISS BOSSY BOOTS14/1£150.00
Thu, Jun 23Brock_10Nottingham Park16:25Escalating2/1£30.00
Thu, Jun 23Tony BatchelorNewmarket16:10Green Door7/1£80.00
Thu, Jun 23BOBSKINewmarket15:5Hearty2/1£30.00
Thu, Jun 23enigmahorsenapsNewmarket15:5Fawaareq9/2£55.00
Thu, Jun 23Brock_10Newmarket15:5Fawaareq5/1£60.00
Thu, Jun 23samcrowNewcastle14:55Suitor15/2£85.00
Thu, Jun 23@racing_douglasNewcastle14:20Hyperfocus5/4£22.50
Wed, Jun 22SimplyHorseTipsBath20:10Kassia4/1£50.00
Wed, Jun 22chatovburleyBath20:10KASSIA4/1£50.00
Wed, Jun 22SimplyHorseTipsKempton Park19:50Higher Power11/4£37.50
Wed, Jun 22BOBSKIKempton Park18:50Bastille Day11/4£37.50

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Current Tipster table

1samcrow15412L W L L P L W L L L 116.15
2enigmahorsenaps17315P L L L W L L - - W 79.05
3BOBSKI7123L L W W W P W - - - 69.50
4RacingTipster3627- - - - - W - - - - 69.25
5Tony Batchelor7213L L L L L L W W L L 65.60
6@racing_douglas4610L L L - - - W L W - 64.60
7Brock_107918W P L L W W L W W W 51.45
8Ebor tips194W L L - - L W W L L 30.00
9Sporting Profit4410L L L L W L P L L L 16.30
10chatovburley11789L L L L L L L - - - 14.60
11handyandys_tips1738- - W - - - - - - - 10.25
12Cheltenhamracer61W L L - - - 2.50
13gazsax610L L L L L L L L L W 0.00
14SimplyHorseTips477W W W L L L L L L L -0.85
15Tunezmad809L - L L L L L - - - -13.05
16G3RHORSEBETS1140L L L - - - - - - L -54.00
17Rich_Racing495P L L L L L L - - - -70.40
18horsefootytips4575P L L L L L L - - - -102.25

= Tipster of the month Titles | W = Win X = No Win 0 = Not yet logged | Scores correct as of Jun 24, 2016 @ 10:15 pm

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