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NAPFontwell16:00Workbench5 PTS 2/1 BetfairBet ▸
NBHexham15:00Presenting streak3 PTS 3/1 LadbrokesBet ▸
IWACNewcastle17:50She's electric 2 PTS 20/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £252.00 if they come in.


NAPAscot16:20Hornsby 5 PTS 10/3 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBGowran Park14:40Snag List3 PTS 3/1 Bet 365Bet ▸


NAPDundalk19:5Moviesta5 PTS 5/6 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBAscot15:45Aydoun3 PTS 11/4 Stan James

No win

IWACAscot14:35Brigliadoro2 PTS 7/1 Paddy Power
£1 on the 3 above will return £54.90 if they come in.


NAPHexham15:00Tickenwolf (Betway)5 PTS 5/2 Betbright



NAPFontwell15:25Hygrove Percy5 PTS 5/4 Sky BetBet ▸
NBAscot15:45Platitude3 PTS 11/8 Sky BetBet ▸
IWACHexham16:10Formidableoppenent2 PTS 6/1 Sky BetBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £37.49 if they come in.


NAPAscot14:00FREE CODE 5 PTS 25/1 Sky Bet

No win

NBAscot15:40GREAT AND SMALL3 PTS 40/1 Sky Bet

No win

IWACGowran Park16:25BRAND AMBASSADOR 2 PTS 16/1 Paddy PowerBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £18122.00 if they come in.


NAPAscot14:35Haaf A Sixpence5 PTS 22/1 CoralBet ▸
NBNewcastle20:20Cocoa Beach3 PTS 11/2 Bet 365Bet ▸
IWACAscot14:00Holiday Magic2 PTS 16/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £2541.50 if they come in.


NAPDundalk20:5Hurricane Cass5 PTS 8/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBAscot15:45Fireglow3 PTS 9/1 William HillBet ▸
IWACGowran Park15:50Rathmuck Native2 PTS 40/1 BoylesportsBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £3690.00 if they come in.

Tony Batchelor

NAPAscot16:20Misty Lord5 PTS 6/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBAscot15:10Vibrant Chords3 PTS 4/1 Sky Bet

No win

IWACAscot16:55Noble Silk2 PTS 12/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £455.00 if they come in.


NAPAscot15:45PLATITUDE5 PTS 6/5 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBAscot14:35FASTNET TEMPEST3 PTS 7/2 Paddy PowerBet ▸
IWACAscot14:00RED TEA2 PTS 7/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £79.20 if they come in.


NAPAscot16:55ARTY CAMPBELL5 PTS 14/1 Sky BetBet ▸
NBAscot14:00CRICKLEWOOD GREEN3 PTS 5/1 BoylesportsBet ▸
IWACAscot14:35IN THE RED2 PTS 13/2 BetfairBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £675.00 if they come in.


NAPAscot14:35Fastnet Tempest5 PTS 3/1 BoylesportsBet ▸
NBAscot15:10Vibrant Chords3 PTS 4/1 Sky BetBet ▸
IWACAscot16:20Fighting Temeraire2 PTS 11/2 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £130.00 if they come in.

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Fri, Sep 30RacingAppsAscot15:45PLATITUDENAP 6/5Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30RacingAppsAscot14:35FASTNET TEMPESTNB 7/2Paddy PowerBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30samcrowAscot14:35Haaf A SixpenceNAP 22/1CoralBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30TunezmadGowran Park15:50Rathmuck NativeIWAC 40/1BoylesportsBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30TunezmadAscot15:45FireglowNB 9/1William HillBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30TunezmadDundalk20:5Hurricane CassNAP 8/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30OddswiseDundalk19:5MoviestaNAP 5/6Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30handyandys_tipsNewcastle17:50She's electric IWAC 20/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30handyandys_tipsFontwell16:00WorkbenchNAP 2/1BetfairBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30Tony BatchelorAscot16:20Misty LordNAP 6/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30samcrowNewcastle20:20Cocoa BeachNB 11/2Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30BOBSKIHexham16:10FormidableoppenentIWAC 6/1Sky BetBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30enigmahorsenapsAscot15:10Vibrant ChordsNB 4/1Sky BetBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30enigmahorsenapsAscot14:35Fastnet TempestNAP 3/1BoylesportsBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30BOBSKIAscot15:45PlatitudeNB 11/8Sky BetBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30BOBSKIFontwell15:25Hygrove PercyNAP 5/4Sky BetBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30enigmahorsenapsAscot16:20Fighting TemeraireIWAC 11/2Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30Tony BatchelorAscot16:55Noble SilkIWAC 12/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30RacingTipsterAscot14:35IN THE REDIWAC 13/2BetfairBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30RacingTipsterAscot16:55ARTY CAMPBELLNAP 14/1Sky BetBet ▸
Fri, Sep 30SimplyHorseTips Gowran Park14:40Snag ListNB 3/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30SimplyHorseTips Ascot16:20Hornsby NAP 10/3Bet 365Bet ▸
Fri, Sep 30chatovburleyGowran Park16:25BRAND AMBASSADOR IWAC 16/1Paddy PowerBet ▸

Last 20 Runners

Fri, Sep 30OddswiseAscot15:45AydounNB / 11/4No win
Fri, Sep 30chatovburleyAscot15:40GREAT AND SMALLNB / 40/1No win
Fri, Sep 30Tony BatchelorAscot15:10Vibrant ChordsNB / 4/1No win
Fri, Sep 30Brock_10Hexham15:00Tickenwolf (Betway)NAP / 5/2Won
Fri, Sep 30OddswiseAscot14:35BrigliadoroIWAC / 7/1Placed
Fri, Sep 30chatovburleyAscot14:00FREE CODE NAP / 25/1No win
Thu, Sep 29Brock_10other20:10VictouroslyNAP / 7/1No win
Thu, Sep 29BOBSKIother19:10jumping jack (chelmsford)IWAC / 5/1No win
Thu, Sep 29BOBSKIother18:10The Big Short (chelmsford)NAP / 6/4No win
Thu, Sep 29BOBSKINewcastle17:55IndastarNB / 9/4No win
Thu, Sep 29RacingAppsNewcastle17:25INTENSE STARLETNAP / 5/2No win
Thu, Sep 29chatovburleyBrighton17:5MY FAVOURITE THINGNAP / 15/2No win
Thu, Sep 29chatovburleyWarwick16:45KID KALANISINB / 25/1No win
Thu, Sep 29Tony BatchelorWarwick16:45Mahlers StarIWAC / 9/1No win
Thu, Sep 29OddswiseBrighton16:30Open The RedNAP / 3/1No win
Thu, Sep 29samcrowNewcastle16:20QaffaalIWAC / 10/1Won
Thu, Sep 29chatovburleyWarwick16:10NO BUTS IWAC / 8/1No win
Thu, Sep 29Tony BatchelorWarwick16:10HorsehillNAP / 16/1No win
Thu, Sep 29samcrowWarwick16:10HorsehillNAP / 16/1No win
Thu, Sep 29TunezmadWarwick16:10Ready TokenNB / 10/3Won

Last 20 Winners

Fri, Sep 30Brock_10Hexham15:00Tickenwolf (Betway)5/2£35.00
Thu, Sep 29samcrowNewcastle16:20Qaffaal10/1£110.00
Thu, Sep 29TunezmadWarwick16:10Ready Token10/3£43.33
Thu, Sep 29SimplyHorseTips Warwick15:40Barman3/1£40.00
Thu, Sep 29handyandys_tipsBrighton14:50Bridge of sighs7/1£80.00
Thu, Sep 29SimplyHorseTips Brighton14:20Come On Come On6/1£70.00
Thu, Sep 29SimplyHorseTips Newcastle14:10Zymyran2/1£30.00
Thu, Sep 29OddswiseNewcastle14:10Zymyran2/1£30.00
Wed, Sep 28handyandys_tipsKempton Park18:10Magical dreamer15/8£28.75
Wed, Sep 28OddswiseSalisbury15:55Storm Rock14/1£150.00
Wed, Sep 28BOBSKINottingham Park15:00Outre Mer11/2£65.00
Wed, Sep 28Brock_10Nottingham Park15:00Outre Mar11/2£65.00
Wed, Sep 28Sporting ProfitBangor-on-Dee14:40Aqalim11/10£21.00
Tue, Sep 27handyandys_tipsWolverhampton18:10Arize 28/130/1£310.00
Tue, Sep 27BOBSKISouthwell16:5Miss Mobot1/1£20.00
Tue, Sep 27Sporting ProfitSouthwell16:5Miss Mobot1/1£20.00
Tue, Sep 27RacingAppsSouthwell15:30Kamool3/1£40.00
Tue, Sep 27chatovburleySedgefield14:00MIX BOY11/4£37.50
Tue, Sep 27handyandys_tipsSedgefield14:00Mixboy11/4£37.50
Mon, Sep 26chatovburleyNewton Abbot16:00BALLINURE (Sporting Bet)5/1£60.00

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Current Tipster table

1handyandys_tips19217W - - W - - W - - - 160.54
2OddsWise37713L W L L L W P L - P 155.20
3Brock_107318W W W P L L L W L W 99.39
4SimplyHorseTips8316P L L L L W W W - - 96.50
5BOBSKI8728L L L W L L L - - - 62.09
6samcrow1699W L L L L W L - - - 46.65
7chatovburley1110414W P L L L L L L - L 43.54
8Tony Batchelor29116L L L L L L L L - - 28.74
9Tunezmad8310- L L L L W L - - - 25.49
10RacingTipster3564- - - - - - - - - - 13.50
11Sporting Profit6817W L L - W W L - L P -2.47
12RacingApps297P L L P L L L - - - -3.55
13rafa91L W L P - L - - -4.50
14@HighestRatedTip648P W - - - - - - - - -13.60
15enigmahorsenaps1849L L L L L L L - - - -102.90

= Tipster of the month Titles | W = Win X = No Win 0 = Not yet logged | Scores correct as of Sep 30, 2016 @ 3:04 pm

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