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NAPRipon18:45IMTIYAAZ5 PTS 11/2 Paddy PowerBet ▸
NBEpsom15:10ASHPAN SAM 3 PTS 9/1 BetfairBet ▸
IWACGoodwood13:50FOR THE ROSES2 PTS 11/2 Sky Bet

No win

£1 on the 3 above will return £422.50 if they come in.


NAPRipon18:45silvanus 5 PTS 9/2 LadbrokesBet ▸
NBRipon19:15cersei 3 PTS 7/4 LadbrokesBet ▸
IWACEpsom15:10foxtrot night2 PTS 8/1 LadbrokesBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £136.13 if they come in.


NAPHamilton Park16:30El Beau5 PTS 9/2 LadbrokesBet ▸
NBRipon18:45Silvanus3 PTS 7/2 LadbrokesBet ▸
IWACHamilton Park14:15Dakota Gold2 PTS 5/1 William HillBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £148.50 if they come in.


NAPRipon18:45Silvanus5 PTS 9/2 Bet VictorBet ▸
NBRipon17:45Miss Rosina3 PTS 9/2 Stan JamesBet ▸


NAPRipon17:45Big Lachie5 PTS 10/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBGoodwood15:35Rajar3 PTS 6/1 BoylesportsBet ▸
IWACRipon18:45Excessable2 PTS 12/1 BoylesportsBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £1001.00 if they come in.

Tony Batchelor

NAPRipon19:15Willbeme5 PTS 8/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBRipon18:45Silvanus3 PTS 6/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
IWACEpsom15:10Arctic Feeling2 PTS 18/1 Sky BetBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £1197.00 if they come in.


NAPWorcester16:25pawn star5 PTS 11/2 Bet VictorBet ▸
NBEpsom15:10goring3 PTS 11/1 Sky BetBet ▸
IWACRipon17:45vaux2 PTS 25/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £2028.00 if they come in.


NAPEpsom15:10Ashpan sam5 PTS 8/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBHamilton Park17:10Harome3 PTS 8/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
IWACRipon18:45Avon breeze2 PTS 14/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £1215.00 if they come in.


NAPRipon18:45Adams Ale5 PTS 11/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
IWACEpsom15:10Ashpan Sam2 PTS 8/1 CoralBet ▸


NAPRipon18:15Silva Eclipse5 PTS 15/8 LadbrokesBet ▸
NBWorcester19:00Monday Sun3 PTS 15/8 Paddy PowerBet ▸
IWACHamilton Park16:00Livella Fella2 PTS 5/1 LadbrokesBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £49.77 if they come in.


NAPEpsom14:00Fair Poweru 5 PTS 6/1 Bet VictorBet ▸
NBGoodwood15:35Pacos Angel3 PTS 9/1 Bet 365

No win

IWACEpsom18:15Imtiyaa2 PTS 6/1 Ladbrokes

No win

£1 on the 3 above will return £490.00 if they come in.


NAPHamilton Park17:10La Casa Tarifa 5 PTS 9/4 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBEpsom16:55Choral Festival 3 PTS 11/2 Bet VictorBet ▸
IWACEpsom15:45Giovanni Di Bicci2 PTS 15/2 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £179.56 if they come in.


NAPGoodwood15:35Miss Sugars5 PTS 9/1 BetbrightBet ▸
NBWorcester19:30Barwick3 PTS 7/2 Bet 365Bet ▸
IWACEpsom15:45Swiss Cross2 PTS 9/1 CoralBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £450.00 if they come in.


NAPEpsom15:10ARTIC FEELING5 PTS 20/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
NBEpsom15:45SWISS CROSS3 PTS 16/1 BetfairBet ▸
IWACEpsom16:55FARNHAM2 PTS 11/2 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £2320.50 if they come in.

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Tue, Aug 30@HighestRatedTipEpsom15:10foxtrot nightIWAC 8/1LadbrokesBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30@HighestRatedTipRipon19:15cersei NB 7/4LadbrokesBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30@HighestRatedTipRipon18:45silvanus NAP 9/2LadbrokesBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30horsefootytipsRipon17:45Miss RosinaNB 9/2Stan JamesBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30horsefootytipsRipon18:45SilvanusNAP 9/2Bet VictorBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30BOBSKIHamilton Park16:00Livella FellaIWAC 5/1LadbrokesBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30BOBSKIWorcester19:00Monday SunNB 15/8Paddy PowerBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30BOBSKIRipon18:15Silva EclipseNAP 15/8LadbrokesBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30RafaRipon18:45SilvanusNB 7/2LadbrokesBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30RafaHamilton Park14:15Dakota GoldIWAC 5/1William HillBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30samcrowGoodwood15:35Miss SugarsNAP 9/1BetbrightBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30RafaHamilton Park16:30El BeauNAP 9/2LadbrokesBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30samcrowWorcester19:30BarwickNB 7/2Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30TunezmadEpsom14:00Fair Poweru NAP 6/1Bet VictorBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30SimplyHorseTipsEpsom15:45Giovanni Di BicciIWAC 15/2Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30SimplyHorseTipsEpsom16:55Choral Festival NB 11/2Bet VictorBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30SimplyHorseTipsHamilton Park17:10La Casa Tarifa NAP 9/4Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30Brock_10Ripon18:45Avon breezeIWAC 14/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30Brock_10Hamilton Park17:10HaromeNB 8/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30Brock_10Epsom15:10Ashpan samNAP 8/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30handyandys_tipsRipon17:45vauxIWAC 25/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30handyandys_tipsEpsom15:10goringNB 11/1Sky BetBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30handyandys_tipsWorcester16:25pawn starNAP 11/2Bet VictorBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30samcrowEpsom15:45Swiss CrossIWAC 9/1CoralBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30OddsWiseEpsom15:10Ashpan SamIWAC 8/1CoralBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30enigmahorsenapsRipon18:45ExcessableIWAC 12/1BoylesportsBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30enigmahorsenapsGoodwood15:35RajarNB 6/1BoylesportsBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30enigmahorsenapsRipon17:45Big LachieNAP 10/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30OddsWiseRipon18:45Adams AleNAP 11/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30chatovburleyEpsom15:10ASHPAN SAM NB 9/1BetfairBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30chatovburleyRipon18:45IMTIYAAZNAP 11/2Paddy PowerBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30Tony BatchelorEpsom15:10Arctic FeelingIWAC 18/1Sky BetBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30Tony BatchelorRipon18:45SilvanusNB 6/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30Tony BatchelorRipon19:15WillbemeNAP 8/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30RacingTipsterEpsom16:55FARNHAMIWAC 11/2Bet 365Bet ▸
Tue, Aug 30RacingTipsterEpsom15:45SWISS CROSSNB 16/1BetfairBet ▸
Tue, Aug 30RacingTipsterEpsom15:10ARTIC FEELINGNAP 20/1Bet 365Bet ▸

Last 20 Runners

Tue, Aug 30TunezmadEpsom18:15ImtiyaaIWAC / 6/1No win
Tue, Aug 30TunezmadGoodwood15:35Pacos AngelNB / 9/1No win
Tue, Aug 30chatovburleyGoodwood13:50FOR THE ROSESIWAC / 11/2No win
Mon, Aug 29@HighestRatedTipRoscommon19:30lasoscarNAP / 4/1Won
Mon, Aug 29Sporting ProfitRoscommon18:30Hibiscus NAP / 13/8No win
Mon, Aug 29Brock_10Roscommon17:30Deeds not wordsIWAC / 14/1No win
Mon, Aug 29TunezmadRoscommon17:30EcoeyeIWAC / 7/1No win
Mon, Aug 29TunezmadEpsom16:55Sennockian StarNB / 9/2No win
Mon, Aug 29Sporting ProfitCartmel16:40Dauphine EreineNB / 11/8No win
Mon, Aug 29rafaRipon16:30Bossipop IWAC / 8/1Placed
Mon, Aug 29Tony BatchelorRipon16:30BossipopNB / 7/1No win
Mon, Aug 29rafaChepstow16:15Nebula StormNB / 5/1No win
Mon, Aug 29samcrowChepstow16:15Nebula StormIWAC / 5/1Placed
Mon, Aug 29horsefootytipsDownpatrick16:10Coolfighter NB / 3/1Won
Mon, Aug 29horsefootytipsCartmel16:5Pair Of JacksNAP / 4/1No win
Mon, Aug 29SimplyHorseTipsCartmel16:5DreamsoftheatreIWAC / 7/1Placed
Mon, Aug 29samcrowCartmel16:5DanimixNB / 14/1No win
Mon, Aug 29BOBSKINewcastle16:00Just Be LuckyIWAC / 5/1No win
Mon, Aug 29samcrowCartmel15:30Supreme AssetNAP / 5/2No win
Mon, Aug 29handyandys_tipsCartmel15:30EndeavorNAP / 13/2Won

Last 20 Winners

Mon, Aug 29@HighestRatedTipRoscommon19:30lasoscar4/1£50.00
Mon, Aug 29horsefootytipsDownpatrick16:10Coolfighter 3/1£40.00
Mon, Aug 29handyandys_tipsCartmel15:30Endeavor13/2£75.00
Mon, Aug 29chatovburleyRipon15:20TREASURY NOTES 4/1£50.00
Mon, Aug 29SimplyHorseTipsRipon15:20Treasury Notes4/1£50.00
Mon, Aug 29Brock_10Epsom15:15El Astronaute (betway)13/2£75.00
Mon, Aug 29TunezmadEpsom14:40Ancient Astronaut 9/1£100.00
Sun, Aug 28handyandys_tipsGoodwood17:30Babyfact7/2£45.00
Sun, Aug 28SimplyHorseTips Goodwood17:30Babyfact 11/4£37.50
Sun, Aug 28TunezmadCork Mallow15:00Ma genetic aforce10/1£110.00
Sun, Aug 28enigmahorsenapsBeverley14:55Orewa5/1£60.00
Sun, Aug 28Brock_10Curragh14:40Sea of grace7/2£45.00
Sat, Aug 27Brock_10Windsor19:35Fairway to heaven5/2£35.00
Sat, Aug 27Tony BatchelorWindsor19:35Fairway To Heaven5/2£35.00
Sat, Aug 27samcrowRedcar16:40San Cassiano10/1£110.00
Sat, Aug 27Brock_10Goodwood15:20Certificate5/1£60.00
Sat, Aug 27rafaGoodwood15:20Certificate5/1£60.00
Sat, Aug 27Sporting ProfitBeverley15:10Alpha Delphini16/1£170.00
Fri, Aug 26enigmahorsenapsNewmarket16:55Great And Small8/1£90.00
Fri, Aug 26BOBSKIFfos Las14:45Looting11/8£23.75

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Current Tipster table

1@HighestRatedTip7315- - - - - W - - - - 135.25
2rafa8513L L L L - L P - - - 132.15
3chatovburley119811L L P L L W P L - - 109.45
4Brock_109221W L W L L W L - - - 57.65
5Sporting Profit7019- L L W L L P P L L 41.67
6Tony Batchelor29214L L L L L L L - - - 29.45
7enigmahorsenaps18914L W L W L L L - - - 24.25
8OddsWise3589- L P P P - - - - - 12.65
9BOBSKI9123L P L L L L L - - - 10.50
10Tunezmad959L W P L W L L - L L 10.05
11handyandys_tips19613- - W - W - - - - - 6.50
12horsefootytips49019L L L L L L W L - - -6.95
13RacingTipster3425- W L W - - - - - - -10.50
14Grandmas Tips313- - - - - - - - - - -49.25
15SimplyHorseTips849L L L W W L P - - - -88.75
16samcrow1807W L L L P L L - - - -94.50

= Tipster of the month Titles | W = Win X = No Win 0 = Not yet logged | Scores correct as of Aug 30, 2016 @ 1:03 pm

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