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NAPSouthwell13:40Vivacissimo5 PTS 4/1 William HillBet ▸
NBCarlisle16:35Veinard3 PTS 10/3 Paddy PowerBet ▸
IWACKempton Park16:55Imjin River2 PTS 6/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £151.55 if they come in.


NAPCarlisle14:55miss tiggy5 PTS 7/4 BetfredBet ▸
NBCarlisle15:30dr moloney 3 PTS 4/1 CoralBet ▸
IWACSouthwell15:55bionic indian2 PTS 5/1 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £82.50 if they come in.


NAPCarlisle15:30Morning Royalty5 PTS 3/1 BoylesportsBet ▸
NBCarlisle14:55Mo Chailin3 PTS 4/1 Bet VictorBet ▸
IWACCarlisle13:50Breezemount2 PTS 11/2 Bet 365Bet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £130.00 if they come in.


NAPSouthwell16:25Basingstoke5 PTS 7/4 Paddy PowerBet ▸
NBSouthwell13:10Razin Hell3 PTS 13/8 Paddy PowerBet ▸
IWACKempton Park16:55Imjin River2 PTS 7/1 William HillBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £57.86 if they come in.


NAPCarlisle16:35Herecomesnelson5 PTS 10/1 CoralBet ▸
NBSouthwell13:10Borough Boy3 PTS 10/1 Bet 365Bet ▸


NAPCarlisle16:5Kilbree Chief5 PTS 15/8 William HillBet ▸
NBCarlisle15:30Morning Royalty3 PTS 11/4 BetfredBet ▸
IWACSouthwell13:40Activation2 PTS 10/1 Bet VictorBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £118.80 if they come in.


NAPKempton Park19:25Exceeding power5 PTS 9/1 William HillBet ▸
NBCarlisle16:5Courtown oscar3 PTS 4/1 BoylesportsBet ▸
IWACKempton Park19:55Lucymai2 PTS 14/1 BetbrightBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £750.00 if they come in.


NAPCarlisle15:30Moscow me5 PTS 13/8 LadbrokesBet ▸
NBCarlisle16:5Subtle grey3 PTS 8/11 LadbrokesBet ▸
IWACKempton Park19:25Exceeding power2 PTS 9/1 LadbrokesBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £45.50 if they come in.

Tony Batchelor

NAPCarlisle15:30Morning Royalty5 PTS 3/1 BetfredBet ▸
NBCarlisle16:35Captain Redbeard3 PTS 11/4 Paddy PowerBet ▸
IWACCarlisle14:20Under The Red Sky2 PTS 14/1 Sky BetBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £225.00 if they come in.


NAPSouthwell13:10Razin Hell5 PTS 7/4 CoralBet ▸
NBKempton Park17:55Princess Cookie3 PTS 11/4 LadbrokesBet ▸
IWACKempton Park17:25Sudden Wish2 PTS 12/1 Paddy PowerBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £134.06 if they come in.


IWACKempton Park17:25Follow The Faith2 PTS 25/1 Paddy PowerBet ▸


NAPKempton Park17:25CHARLIES STAR5 PTS 20/1 Bet VictorBet ▸
NBKempton Park19:25FRANCOS SECRET3 PTS 7/1 BetfairBet ▸
IWACKempton Park16:55WILLOW SPRING2 PTS 20/1 Bet VictorBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £3528.00 if they come in.


NAPSouthwell16:25GENERAL TUFTO5 PTS 16/1 LadbrokesBet ▸

Uncle Ernie

NAPSouthwell15:20Indigo Princess5 PTS 12/1 Paddy PowerBet ▸
NBSouthwell14:45Be Royale3 PTS 7/2 Bet 365Bet ▸
IWACSouthwell15:55Marmooz2 PTS 13/2 Bet VictorBet ▸
£1 on the 3 above will return £438.75 if they come in.

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Wed, Feb 10G3RHORSEBETSSouthwell13:10Borough BoyNB 10/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Wed, Feb 10G3RHORSEBETSCarlisle16:35HerecomesnelsonNAP 10/1CoralBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10Uncle ErnieSouthwell15:55MarmoozIWAC 13/2Bet VictorBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10Uncle ErnieSouthwell14:45Be RoyaleNB 7/2Bet 365Bet ▸
Wed, Feb 10Uncle ErnieSouthwell15:20Indigo PrincessNAP 12/1Paddy PowerBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10SmaktipsKempton Park19:25FRANCOS SECRETNB 7/1BetfairBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10SmaktipsKempton Park17:25CHARLIES STARNAP 20/1Bet VictorBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10SmaktipsKempton Park16:55WILLOW SPRINGIWAC 20/1Bet VictorBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10tunezmadKempton Park19:55LucymaiIWAC 14/1BetbrightBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10tunezmadCarlisle16:5Courtown oscarNB 4/1BoylesportsBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10tunezmadKempton Park19:25Exceeding powerNAP 9/1William HillBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10BOBSKISouthwell13:10Razin HellNB 13/8Paddy PowerBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10ChowneKempton Park19:25Exceeding powerIWAC 9/1LadbrokesBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10horsefootytipsKempton Park16:55Imjin RiverIWAC 6/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Wed, Feb 10BOBSKISouthwell16:25BasingstokeNAP 7/4Paddy PowerBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10ChowneCarlisle16:5Subtle greyNB 8/11LadbrokesBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10ChowneCarlisle15:30Moscow meNAP 13/8LadbrokesBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10horsefootytipsCarlisle16:35VeinardNB 10/3Paddy PowerBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10horsefootytipsSouthwell13:40VivacissimoNAP 4/1William HillBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10guftiSouthwell13:40ActivationIWAC 10/1Bet VictorBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10guftiCarlisle15:30Morning RoyaltyNB 11/4BetfredBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10guftiCarlisle16:5Kilbree ChiefNAP 15/8William HillBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10enigmahorsenapsCarlisle14:55Mo ChailinNB 4/1Bet VictorBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10enigmahorsenapsCarlisle15:30Morning RoyaltyNAP 3/1BoylesportsBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10enigmahorsenapsCarlisle13:50BreezemountIWAC 11/2Bet 365Bet ▸
Wed, Feb 10samcrowKempton Park17:25Follow The FaithIWAC 25/1Paddy PowerBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10Tony BatchelorCarlisle14:20Under The Red SkyIWAC 14/1Sky BetBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10Tony BatchelorCarlisle16:35Captain RedbeardNB 11/4Paddy PowerBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10Tony BatchelorCarlisle15:30Morning RoyaltyNAP 3/1BetfredBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10SimplyHorseTipsKempton Park17:25Sudden WishIWAC 12/1Paddy PowerBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10SimplyHorseTipsKempton Park17:55Princess CookieNB 11/4LadbrokesBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10SimplyHorseTipsSouthwell13:10Razin HellNAP 7/4CoralBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10BOBSKIKempton Park16:55Imjin RiverIWAC 7/1William HillBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10handyandys_tipsSouthwell15:55bionic indianIWAC 5/1Bet 365Bet ▸
Wed, Feb 10handyandys_tipsCarlisle15:30dr moloney NB 4/1CoralBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10handyandys_tipsCarlisle14:55miss tiggyNAP 7/4BetfredBet ▸
Wed, Feb 10RacingTipsterSouthwell16:25GENERAL TUFTONAP 16/1LadbrokesBet ▸

Last 20 Runners

Tue, Feb 9BOBSKISouthwell16:50EnglishwomanNAP / 11/4Won
Tue, Feb 9G3RHORSEBETSSouthwell16:50Amy BlairNB / 11/4No win
Tue, Feb 9chowneSedgefield16:30Fiddlers flightIWAC / 6/1Won
Tue, Feb 9samcrowSedgefield16:30Azure GlamourNAP / 4/1No win
Tue, Feb 9G3RHORSEBETSSouthwell16:20Divine TouchIWAC / 6/1Placed
Tue, Feb 9RacingTipsterSouthwell16:20RUPERT BOYNB / 3/1Won
Tue, Feb 9BOBSKISouthwell16:20Never SayIWAC / 5/1Placed
Tue, Feb 9tunezmadMarket Rasen16:10BallyadeenNB / 9/2Won
Tue, Feb 9Tony BatchelorMarket Rasen16:10Azert De CouerNAP / 6/5No win
Tue, Feb 9guftiMarket Rasen16:10Azeri De CoeurNB / 6/5No win
Tue, Feb 9horsefootytipsSedgefield16:00Rupert BearNAP / 2/1No win
Tue, Feb 9BOBSKISouthwell15:50Sir Billy WrightNB / 9/4No win
Tue, Feb 9G3RHORSEBETSMarket Rasen15:35PetrouNAP / 9/4No win
Tue, Feb 9chowneMarket Rasen15:35Captain KellyNB / 7/1No win
Tue, Feb 9tunezmadMarket Rasen15:35Spencer leaIWAC / 4/1Won
Tue, Feb 9Tony BatchelorMarket Rasen15:35PetrouNB / 9/4No win
Tue, Feb 9guftiMarket Rasen15:35PetrouNAP / 9/4No win
Tue, Feb 9Uncle ErnieMarket Rasen15:35Captain KellyNAP / 8/1No win
Tue, Feb 9Uncle ErnieSedgefield15:20Rocky StoneIWAC / 6/1No win
Tue, Feb 9tunezmadMarket Rasen15:5Point the wayNAP / 4/1Won

Last 20 Winners

Tue, Feb 9BOBSKISouthwell16:50Englishwoman11/4£37.50
Tue, Feb 9chowneSedgefield16:30Fiddlers flight6/1£70.00
Tue, Feb 9RacingTipsterSouthwell16:20RUPERT BOY3/1£40.00
Tue, Feb 9tunezmadMarket Rasen16:10Ballyadeen9/2£55.00
Tue, Feb 9tunezmadMarket Rasen15:35Spencer lea4/1£50.00
Tue, Feb 9tunezmadMarket Rasen15:5Point the way4/1£50.00
Tue, Feb 9enigmahorsenapsSedgefield14:55My Friend George9/2£55.00
Tue, Feb 9handyandys_tipsSedgefield13:50yes i am8/15£15.33
Mon, Feb 8horsefootytipsWolverhampton17:10Secret Millionaire 9/1£100.00
Mon, Feb 8BOBSKIFakenham16:40Navanman5/6£18.33
Mon, Feb 8horsefootytipsMusselburgh16:00Atomix 11/4£37.50
Mon, Feb 8enigmahorsenapsMusselburgh16:00Atomix5/2£35.00
Mon, Feb 8Early87Musselburgh16:00Atomix 5/2£35.00
Mon, Feb 8Tony BatchelorMusselburgh15:30So Satisfied10/3£43.33
Mon, Feb 8handyandys_tipsFakenham14:50halo moon 8/11£17.27
Mon, Feb 8guftiFakenham13:45Vent Nivernais7/4£27.50
Mon, Feb 8Ebor tipsFakenham13:45Vent Nivernais15/8£28.75
Mon, Feb 8G3RHORSEBETSMusselburgh13:30Vision De La Vie7/2£45.00
Sun, Feb 7Early87Naas16:50A genie in a bottle3/1£40.00
Sun, Feb 7horsefootytipsNaas16:20Mr Cosmopolitan16/1£170.00

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Current Tipster table

1RacingTipster2258- - W - - - - W - - 119.50
2@racing_douglas157W L W W L L W L W P 90.50
3enigmahorsenaps2711L L L W L L W - - - 82.74
4BOBSKI279L P L W P W L - - - 52.70
5horsefootytips3285W L W W L L L - - - 33.80
6OddsWise2111L L L L - - - - - - 25.00
7handyandys_tips 12810- W - L W - - - - - 22.35
8themysterytipster245L W L P L L L - - - 11.15
9Early87225L L L W L L W L W L -1.15
10Michaelmad310 -5.00
11Ebor tips225L L L L L L W - - - -9.10
12Smaktips191L L L L - - - - - - -10.00
13crum23152L W L L L L L - - - -12.00
14G3RHORSEBETS1264L P W L L L P L - - -15.70
15sean_mcfc122L W W P L L L - - - -16.20
16Gufti275L W L P L L L - - - -18.10
17tunezmad294W L L L W W W - - - -19.50
18chowne274L W L L L L W - - - -20.30
19Tony Batchelor283L W L L L L L - - - -28.60
20SimplyHorseTips253L L P P L L L - - - -33.30
21cianryan151L L L L L L W L - - -36.10
22Brock_10242L L L P L L L - - - -37.30
23samcrow252L L L P L L L L L - -37.55
24Uncle Ernie270L L L P L L L - - - -77.10

= Tipster of the month Titles | W = Win X = No Win 0 = Not yet logged | Scores correct as of Feb 10, 2016 @ 4:27 am

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