Betway sports app on itunes - a delight for racing fansThe Betway app is available on all devices; Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS & many more.

Before downloading or installing the Betway app, it’s important that you have registered beforehand. If you’re looking for a different betting app you can see our independent comparison of betting apps here.

The Betway App Download

iPhone and iPad

You can download the app for IOS exactly the same way as you would download any other dedicated app. If you follow these instructions you can’t go wrong.

  • Register for an account with Betway here.
  • In Google search for “Betway sports app iTunes” you’ll normally find it’s #1 in the results.
  • There you¬†will be able to¬†download the dedicated app directly from iTunes.

The alternate method and the way we prefer to install the app is by adding it as a bookmark on the home screen of your iOS device. Although this isn’t the way you would normally do it, you’ll find it saves valuable space and the app performs better too.

All you need to do if you opt to install the app this way is to follow the instruction laid out in the image below. Again, it’s important that you have set up your account before you install the app. Click the link below to set up the account then complete the step highlighted below.

Now you have registered click the link above, then complete the final steps.

Loads of sports to bet on when you download the UK appAndroid download

For Android users, there is a couple of extra steps to take, but we will take you through every aspect of installing the app so you don’t miss any of the fundamental steps.

So that’s the most important part of the puzzle done, now we are going to take the final steps needed to install the Betway app. We have displayed the instructions on how to add the app as a shortcut to your mobile device’s home screen in the image below. To get you to the starting point, click the link above then simply complete the steps highlighted below.

Once you have completed these steps, you’ll be able to place bets, and play mobile casino games, bingo or poker whenever or wherever you please.

Attention all non iOS users this is the procedure that all Android, Windows, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, LG or any of the other mobile brands have to follow.

Hopefully, we have achieved what we set out to do, by helping you install the app on your mobile or tablet device.