NagMe Sports Alert Service

NagMe Sports Alert Service

Please note – Whilst this app is still available on Google Play it has not been updated since 2012, our review is based on when it was working and will be updated when the app is. While we wait why not check out our home page for the 5 must have betting apps instead.

The app is designed to provide users with all the information they could need on horse racing and keep them constantly up to date on the races they’re interested in.

With a clean interface, a simplistic design and easy navigation, this app delivers exactly what it claims to, with a few added extras.

NagMe Sports Alert Service review

The NagMe Sports Service is an app that can be downloaded onto your device via iTunes and the link above will take you straight there. Popular with horse racing fans for all the right reasons, NagMe has an impressive notification service that lets you keep track of every competition your favourite horse, jockey or trainer enters.

Staying in the know is easy with the NagMe Sports Alert Service and so is finding the things you need. The search section of the app gives you the option to search for trainers, horses, jockeys and owners and also gives you the option to search for all.

The great thing about this app is how it lets you follow all of you favourite horses, even if they’re running on the same day or even at the same time! You will receive a separate message for everything you select.

Management and controls

The management of this app is excellent. It lets you search for what you’re looking for, then enables you to gather all the information you need and then gives you the opportunity to set alerts.

The Manage Alerts section is set out in alphabetical order, which makes following more than one race, horse or jockey really easy. You can also add notes to ones you’ve selected and removed them whenever you like, helping you to keep organised.

The app controls are decent, giving you refresh buttons whenever you need them to grantee the latest, most up-to-date scores, information and news.

There are also back buttons on each page, so you can navigate through the sections without getting confused, and you can also tap any of the buttons on the main menu to take you to where you want to be.

Horse racing Information

The thing we like most about the NagMe Sports Alert Service is the way you can access all the information you need before setting an alert. You can find names of horses, races and trainers and take a look at a detailed summary about each individual and check out the entries.

For each race card search you do, you’ll find information such as the weight, breeding, age, sex and more. The information is laid out clearly, using an Excel type table and the NagMe button is marked orange, probably so you can always find it!

Racing Results!

Of course, alerts aren’t everything; the results are! It is for this very reason that there’s a separate page just for this. Here you can find the race results in real-time, making it easy for you to keep track of your winnings and losses all from the convenience of your own phone or tablet.

Overall this app is really useful and provides you with all the information you need without cramming too much in and making the interface look overloaded. For a free app, we think it is safe to say that NagMe Sports Alert Service delivers above and beyond expectations.

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