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Welcome to #Footie NAPs the home of free football tips! We’ve got the best football tipsters from Twitter to give us 3 free tips a day to battle it put to be crowed the FootieNAPs champion!

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*All prices correct at time of posting and are subject to change

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*All prices correct at time of posting and are subject to change

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Mon, Mar 9handyandys_tipsRostov vs Cska Moscow 11:00Over 1.5 first half goals, over 4 first half corners Added 09:38, Monday March 09, 202013/2*£75.00
Wed, Mar 4skybluealanKilmarnock vs Aberdeen19:45Draw and BTTSAdded 19:13, Wednesday March 04, 202019/5*£48.00
Wed, Mar 4skybluealanSt. Mirren vs St Johnstone19:45Half Time / Full Time Draw / DrawAdded 19:08, Wednesday March 04, 202018/5*£46.00
Sun, Mar 1skybluealanMallorca vs Getafe17:00Half Time / Full Time Draw / GetafeAdded 10:47, Sunday March 01, 20209/2*£55.00
Sun, Mar 1handyandys_tipsEverton vs Man Utd 14:00Shaw to be carded Added 11:03, Sunday March 01, 202010/3*£43.33
Thu, Feb 27skybluealanBenfica vs Shakhtar20:00Half Time / Full Time Benfica / DrawAdded 19:09, Thursday February 27, 202015/1*£160.00
Mon, Feb 24handyandys_tipsClub general Diaz vs Guiarena fc21:00Btts in first half Added 09:22, Monday February 24, 20207/2*£45.00
Mon, Feb 24handyandys_tipsLiverpool vs West Ham 20:00Mane to score, rice to be carded, over 11 corners Added 09:25, Monday February 24, 202025/1*£260.00
Mon, Feb 24skybluealanPerugia vs Empoli20:00Half time / Full time Draw / EmpoliAdded 17:10, Monday February 24, 20206/1*£70.00
Mon, Feb 24handyandys_tipsSlavia Sofia vs Dunav ruse 15:00Over 2.5 goalsAdded 09:19, Monday February 24, 202023/20*£21.50
Sun, Feb 23skybluealanArsenal vs Everton16:30Half Time / Full Time Draw / ArsenalAdded 11:54, Sunday February 23, 20209/2*£55.00
Sun, Feb 23handyandys_tipsMan utd vs Watford14:00Fernandes anytime goal Added 22:01, Saturday February 22, 20202/1*£30.00
Sat, Feb 22skybluealanWimbledon vs Blackpool15:00Half time / Full time Draw / DrawAdded 13:46, Saturday February 22, 20204/1*£50.00
Fri, Feb 21handyandys_tipsDerby vs Fulham 19:45Rooney to score anytime and over 10 corners Added 17:38, Friday February 21, 20205/1*£60.00
Fri, Feb 21handyandys_tipsNice vs Brest 18:00Btts in first half and over 5 first half corners Added 17:39, Friday February 21, 202010/1*£110.00
Thu, Feb 20skybluealanWolfsburg vs Malmo20:00Half time / Full time Draw / WolfsburgAdded 16:39, Thursday February 20, 202010/3*£43.33
Wed, Feb 19handyandys_tipsHuracan vs Atletico nacional Medel22:15Btts in first half, over 4 first half corners Added 15:57, Wednesday February 19, 202011/1*£120.00
Wed, Feb 19skybluealanKilmarnock vs Aberdeen19:45Draw & BTTSAdded 17:08, Wednesday February 19, 202015/4*£47.50
Wed, Feb 19handyandys_tipsJamshedpur vs FC goa 14:00Over 2.5 goals, over 10 corners Added 13:18, Wednesday February 19, 20209/4*£32.50
Mon, Feb 17handyandys_tipsChelsea vs Man utd20:00Fred to be carded Added 13:20, Monday February 17, 20209/4*£32.50

*All prices correct at time of posting and are subject to change

Last 20 Results

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*All prices correct at time of posting and are subject to change

Sun, Mar 15handyandys_tipsCska Moscow vs Fc ufa 13:30Moscow to lead 2-0 at half time Added 12:37, Sunday March 15, 2020NAP / 8/1*No win
Sat, Mar 14skybluealanVila Nova vs Anapolis19:00Vila Nova win BTTSAdded 17:40, Saturday March 14, 2020NAP / 18/5*No win
Sat, Mar 14skybluealanKings Lynn vs Guiesley15:00Kings Lynn win BTTSAdded 13:48, Saturday March 14, 2020NB / 14/5*No win
Sat, Mar 14skybluealanWeymouth vs Slough15:00Correct score Weymouth to win 3-2Added 13:54, Saturday March 14, 2020IWAC / 55/2*No win
Tue, Mar 10handyandys_tipsSantos vs Delfin 22:15Over 2.5 first half goals Added 17:02, Tuesday March 10, 2020NB / 6/1*No win
Tue, Mar 10handyandys_tipsRb Leipzig vs Tottenham 20:00Alli to score anytime, alli to be carded,over 12 corners Added 17:05, Tuesday March 10, 2020IWAC / 66/1*No win
Tue, Mar 10skybluealanValencia vs Atalanta20:00Half Time / Full Time Draw / AtalantaAdded 17:43, Tuesday March 10, 2020NB / 6/1*No win
Tue, Mar 10skybluealanBlackpool vs Tranmere19:45Blackpool win and BTTSAdded 17:40, Tuesday March 10, 2020NAP / 11/4*No win
Tue, Mar 10skybluealanPortsmouth vs Fleetwood19:45Half Time / Full Time Draw / FleetwoodAdded 17:49, Tuesday March 10, 2020IWAC / 17/2*No win
Mon, Mar 9handyandys_tipsRostov vs Cska Moscow 11:00Over 1.5 first half goals, over 4 first half corners Added 09:38, Monday March 09, 2020NAP / 13/2*Won
Sun, Mar 8skybluealanLille vs Lyon20:00Half Time / Full Time Lille / DrawAdded 13:57, Sunday March 08, 2020IWAC / 16/1*No win
Sun, Mar 8skybluealanMan Utd vs Man City16:30Man Utd win and BTTSAdded 13:51, Sunday March 08, 2020NB / 15/2*No win
Sun, Mar 8skybluealanDerby County vs Blackburn15:00Derby win and BTTSAdded 13:53, Sunday March 08, 2020NAP / 19/5*No win
Sat, Mar 7skybluealanNice vs Monaco19:00Half Time / Full Time Draw / DrawAdded 17:17, Saturday March 07, 2020NB / 11/2*No win
Sat, Mar 7skybluealanSetubal vs Benfica18:00Carlos Vinicius to score a hat trickAdded 17:43, Saturday March 07, 2020IWAC / 20/1*No win
Sat, Mar 7skybluealanGetafe vs Celta Vigo0:00Half Time / Full Time Draw / GetafeAdded 17:14, Saturday March 07, 2020NAP / 20/5*No win
Fri, Mar 6skybluealanAlaves vs Valencia20:00Alaves win & BTTSAdded 18:02, Friday March 06, 2020NAP / 9/2*No win
Fri, Mar 6skybluealanMarseille vs Amiens20:00Dario Benedetto, to score 2 or more goalsAdded 18:03, Friday March 06, 2020IWAC / 8/1*No win
Fri, Mar 6skybluealanNottingham Forest vs Millwall19:45Half Time / Full Time Draw /MillwallAdded 18:19, Friday March 06, 2020NB / 13/2*No win
Fri, Mar 6handyandys_tipsBrisbane roar vs Western Sydney wan9:30Over 4.5 cards, over 10 corners, over 2.5 goalsAdded 08:07, Friday March 06, 2020NAP / 11/2*No win

*All prices correct at time of posting and are subject to change

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= Tipster of the month Titles | W = Win X = No Win 0 = Not yet logged | Scores correct as of May 28, 2020 @ 6:35 pm

Todays footie tips come from Twitters finest tipsters who provide us with 3 tips every day in the following format

– NAP – Their best bet of the day

– NB – Their next best bet of the day

– IWAC – (in with a chance) a tip at at least 5/1 that looks a good each way or outsider bet.

Tips are posted from 5pm the day before giving you a chance to get on in the evening at the early prices. By the time the races start we usually have a full house of over 50 footie tips completely free of charge.

Simple guide to football betting

Football is an exciting sport where anything can happen and that is why football betting is a unique way of keeping the game even more interesting than it already is. There are many online sports betting sites that make it possible for you to bet and so, having an understanding of how it works will give you a chance of winning.

What football matches can I bet on?

Football is a global sport and there is always a game happening somewhere in the world and so, that gives you the chance to bet on international matches, friendlies and league matches from not only the top leagues in the world but even some of the more obscure leagues in the world. If there is a match being played, the chances are, most online betting sites will allow you to place a bet.\r\n

What different bets can I make?

The thing with football is that there are so many variables and things that can happen in the game that football betting has grown enormously. Bookmakers are now offering new and innovative ways to win such as guessing the number of corners in a game or who will score the first goal but the main bets are as follows:\r\nThe outright winner – This is the simplest bet to make and it requires to you to bet on who will win the match. Therefore, you need to pick the team that you think will win and place your bet.\r\n


Whether it is during the week or on the weekend, there is always a number of matches being played. An accumulator allows you to place a bet on a number of games at the same time. So, you might place a £1 bet on six different teams to win, draw or lose. However, in order for you to win, you need all of your results to go your way.\r\nDouble Result – This involves you correctly predicting what the result will be at half time and at full time. This is chosen using the following: H-H, H-D, H-A, D-H, D-D, D-A, A-H, A-D, and A-A.\r\nSo, if you select H-H, it means that the home team was in the lead at half time and at full time but if you chose H-A it means that the home team was in the lead at half time but the away team won the game as they were in the lead at full time.

First scorer, last scorer, anytime scorer

This is a simple case of betting which player you think will score first, last or at any time during the match.

Betting odds explained

The betting odds are designed to give you an indication of the likelihood of the outcome and how much money you could win.

So, if you took odds of 5/1, for every £1 you bet, you would win £5. In another example, if you had odds of 1/6 then it would mean that for every £6 you bet, you would win £1.

If you look at the outcome of a match or any other bet and how the odds reflect this, then if we look at the same odds, it makes it possible to work out the likelihood of the event happening:

If a football team is given odds of 5/1 then the probability of that happening can be worked out by a simple calculation of 1/ (5+1) = 0.50 giving a 50% per cent likelihood of it happening. The odds of 1/6 would be worked out by calculating 6/ (1+6) = 0.60 which gives you a probability of 80%.

What can affect the outcome of your bet

Football is a very intricate sport that has a lot of variables that can play a part in the outcome.


The form of a team or a specific player can determine the likelihood of them winning a match or scoring a goal. However, in football, form is not always a clear indicator as to whether a result is likely to go your way but it can give you a very good idea.

The League or International Ranking

If a team at the top of the league is playing the team at the bottom of the league then there is every chance that the top team is going to come out on top. In international football, if a team ranked 10th is playing a team ranked 179th, then the outcome could be quite clear.

Where the match is being played

If you bet on a particular team, such as the team you support, then history might dictate that they never perform well when they play at that ground or stadium.

Team news

If a certain player or players are injured prior to the match then it could alter the outcome of a match and if a player suffers from an injury during the match then if you have chosen a specific bet such as the first goalscorer then your chosen outcome will never happen. Perhaps the manager has chosen to play a new formation, all of these things can affect the outcome.

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